Mike Vrabel

After retiring from paying in 2010, Vrabel became the linebackers and defensive line coach at Ohio State for three seasons before beginning his NFL coaching career in 2014 with the Houston Texans as the linebackers coach. The Titans hired him in 2018 as the team’s head coach.  

I don’t even care about this man’s metrics or football career – in 2011 he was arrested at a casino for felony theft for stealing eight bottles of beer from a deli. That is some beautiful Robert Durst shit. That was the same year he retired from playing football to become the linebackers coach at Ohio State – that is a multi-million dollar salary! Why is he stealing eight beers?!?! 

We stan. 

Marcus Mariota

Mariota joined the Titans in the 2015 draft, coming from college ball at Oregon where he was the starting quarterback for two years. He grew up in Honolulu – far from the Hadley Law Firm – idolizing Samoan quarterback Jeremiah Masoli.  

Since joining the Titans, he has had the most passing touchdown in a season by a rookie at 19, the most completions in a season by a rookie at 230, the longest run by a quarterback at 87 yards, he was the youngest qb in franchise history to throw over 300 yards in a game, he’s the first qb to catch a touchdown reception, the first to throw a touchdown pass to himself (?), the highest single game completion rate (95.7%) and the best passer rating at 158.3. 

Blaine Gabbert

Missouri native Blaine Gabbert skipped his senior year at the University of Missouri to enter the 2011 NFL draft where he was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the first round. He was chosen behind Cam Newton and Jake Locker. He signed a deal worth $12 million over four years.  

Two years later, the head coach changed and Gabbery suffered a laceration on his right hand to prevent him from playing in the following games. Shortly thereafter he was traded to the San Francisco 49ers where he stayed until 2017 when he signed a contract with the Arizona Cardinals where he played for less than a year before heading over here to play with the Titans. He started hi first game against the Houston Texans in September of 2018. He completed 13 of 20 passes for 117 yards and a touchdown as the Titans won the game 20 to 17.  

Seems like he finally found where he belongs!

Vince Young

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Drafted by the Titans as the third overall pick in the 2006 draft, Vince Young was chosen in part because he was a “combination of arms and legs” according to the Titans general manager, Floyd Reese.  He has been celebrated as a “great rusher, average passer” and his widely acknowledged “sidearm throw” rather than an “over the top throw” is often noted as “not great.” And when he took the Wonderlic standardized test, designed to measure a player’s ability to learn plays, he scored – repeatedly – a 6. A score of 20 indicates average intelligence. A score of 10 suggests that a person is literate. Again, Vince young scored a 6. Repeatedly.  

Psyche. Vince Young is not a great Titan. But it’s hilarious that he was drafted partially because he has a human body.